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  • U.S building permits and housing starts rose more than expected in January
  • Chicago Business Barometer rose to 67.6 in December, up from 63.9
  • U.S import and export prices rose more than expected in January
  • Canadian manufacturing sales declined 0.3% to $55.5 billion in December

Economical calendar

Time Region Event Prev Forecast Actual
16:00Crude Oil Inventories1.8411.795-1.616
17:10FOMC Member Bostic Speaks
21:45Retail Sales YoY4.1%
21:45Retail Sales, q/q0.2%1.4%
22:30FOMC Member Kaplan Speak
23:30National CPI Ex-Fresh Food, y/y0.9%0.9%
23:30National Consumer Price Index, y/y1%1.3%

Technical Analysis

This section contains analytics tracking the dynamics of the currency, stock and commodity markets.

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22 February 2018 08:02 Marios Athinodorou

EURUSD Analysis

Today 22/2/18, we see that the EURUSD will probably bounce on 1.22089 that is the Kijun Sen line (yellow Line) old support level and also Tekan sen line on a weekly time frame. Now if price breaks, that level will probably bounce on the cloud. We should look to buy only at the moment when the trend is still strong to the upside. Also, all the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo lines are in bullish formation and the cloud states the same.

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19 February 2018 10:00 Henrique Tomé

EUR/GBP Analysis

EUR/GBP on 4-hour time frame chart might be interesting to follow this pair.

In this scenario, we can both consider long or short entries.

Once the price breaks the downside trend line we can expect a new bullish trend.

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15 February 2018 17:39 Henrique Tomé

Crude oil analysis

On daily time frame chart, we can see that the price is giving signals of rejections of more downside movements.

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As experienced traders say, successful Forex trading is impossible without any initial analysis of the situation. The analysis results will let you assume, with more precision, the course of events in the currency market in the short or long term.

The professional online Forex analysis will let you keep abreast of the market, monitor the occurrence of new trends and successfully forecast price movements.

The evaluation of the situation in any market as well as the forecast its development rest on the results of fundamental and technical analysis. Experienced traders successfully use these tools. Forex analytics is based on global factors such as changes in the political and geopolitical situation, the distinctive features of the economy in different countries and so on as well as on the trading signals obtained in the process of using technical tools such as the intersection points of support and resistance levels, aspects of graphical models, etc.

However, no market would be what it is if the results of its analysis by professionals were identical. Different opinions of experienced traders, who have traded in the Forex market for many years, provide beginners with an excellent opportunity to choose the most well-reasoned evaluation of the current market trends and better judgement as to how quotations might change.

Currency market experts apply diverse information and tools for analyzing the Forex market, such as:

  • Currency rates and interest rates set by the leading central banks;
  • Regular economic reviews of stock exchange situations in the major currency markets;
  • An economic calendar for traders;
  • Statements, explanations and comments by officials representing the world’s leading economies, central banks and non-bank financial institutions;
  • Ideas and forecasts of recognized experts, professionally engaged in financial analysis;
  • Expert video overviews of latest events and situations in currency markets and many other things.

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The objective evaluations of the situation in currency markets by TeleTrade experts provide traders with access to information, which allows profitably use money, open and close trading positions on time and make a profit when any changes occur in the market situation.

The qualitative Forex analytics from the TeleTrade leading full-time specialists is your opportunity to be in touch with market trends, make prospective forecasts and increase your active assets. In this website section, we gather and constantly update the analytical materials which are the result of daily work of recognized experts whose outlooks on the current situation and variants of the courses of events in the Forex market can vary.

Comparing their positions and analyzing the previous forecasts and analytical reviews against the background of the current situation, you will be able to opt for the opinion of particular experts and follow the updates in the analytical section getting prompt online access to the relevant information.

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